Viewing Extended Game Details for Counter-Strike and Condition Zero Back

Time Played:
0 0 11 52

Longest Gameplay Session:
0 0 11 22

Additional Game Stats:
For the extra nerdy
Mouse Movement (in Pixels):694200
Mouse Movement (in Feet):602.604198
Mouse Movement (in Meters):183.67375
Mouse Movement (in Miles):0.11413
Mouse Movement (in Kilometres):0.183674
Mouse Wheel Rotations:0
Mouse Clicks:182
Keyboard Keys Pressed:366

Additional Info:
This game is unique because even though Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Condition Zero are two separate games, they share the same executable, HL.exe, therefore the are recorded as the same game and their game time is added together.

This game was gifted to me from my friend Reckless.